In a Treatment Program During the Holidays? Four Helpful Tips to Empower Your Recovery in the New Year

“God helps those who help themselves.” – Algernon Sidney   At a recent recovery meeting I attended, the topic of “tips that have helped you get and stay clean/sober” arose. And since we’re in the midst of the holidays with a New Year approaching, I thought it would be a perfect time—especially for those currently…

young woman sitting at therapy asking what is dbt

What is DBT?

What is DBT? If you’re looking for help with an addiction, you’ve likely run across something called dialectical behavior therapy (DBT). In an evidence-based method of therapy, DBT treats a wide variety of mental health illnesses. Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) in Tampa, FL is primarily useful for positively impacting behavior patterns. So, exactly what is…


“Having the Willingness”: An Essential Ingredient for Success in (and out of) Rehab

In early recovery, it can be somewhat challenging to grasp, let alone “get on board” with, the importance of “having the willingness,” a phrase often repeated or emphasized in alcohol and drug treatment centers and 12 Step programs. So, what does “having the willingness” mean in the context of addiction treatment? It would probably be…